Orange Blossom Raw Honey – 16 oz

Orange Blossom Raw Honey – 16 oz

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Bee Ladies Orange Blossom Raw Honey comes from Southern California orange groves and has a lovely fresh floral citrus taste. It’s usually light in color with a mild fruity flavor and distinct aromatic scent. Our honey is 100% raw and unfiltered US Grade A honey. Our Bees make what we sell by collecting orange blossom nectar from orange orchards in Southern California, USA. 

This honey is perfect for any use sweet or savory and is loved by all ages. Our favorite usages include using Orange Blossom honey in tea, smoothies, baking as a sugar replacement, and as a finishing drizzle on fruit, oatmeal, toast, cereal, yogurt, and meat. Check back for our Family honey recipes.  


Ingredients: 100% Pure Raw Orange Blossom Honey